Next EVM chains governance vote

Obviously I’m first to post in the new forum who else?

I want to suggest a community vote to work out which chains to add next. I strongly believe that frequent votes keep communities engaged and encourage holding!

I’ve had a quick temperature check in the telegram group and think the following chains should be on the list of options:

Moonbeam (glmr)
Harmony (one)
Cronos (CRO)
Klaytn (KLAY)
Aurora (Eth?)
Okexchain (OKT)
Metis (Metis)
Heco (HT)
Moonriver (MOVR)
Gnosis (GNO)

I’d suggest letting people pick two options and the top 4 options after the vote are added to routerprotocol next.

I guess the best way to do this is still on polygon, give people some notice before taking the snapshot so they can move their tokens off CEXs etc.


Definitely a great list. As a development update I would like to share our next 4 chains are already planned :

Likely in March
a.) Ethereum
b.) Fantom

Likely in April
c.) Optimism
d.) Arbitrum

Definitely like the idea of using a community vote to decide on chains after Arbitrum.


For anyone wanting to make suggestions, at this stage we’re only talking about EVM chains, so check if the chain is on this list first:

Sovryn on RSK.

I’ll throw RSK on the list.

you should consider Aurora, Hamony or Cronos.
these are emerging ecosystems and get a lot of attention from the community, especially Aurora

Harmony or Cronos would be great.

in kucoin we have the largest volume of $ in route and dfyn negotiation, I think it would be a mistake if kucoin chain was not one of the first route chains, kcc!!!

We would be in favour of an integration with Canto.

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