Removal of the Dfyn/Route dual farm

For too long now the price of dfyn and route has been intrinsically linked by the dual farm and the large liquidity pool on dfyn exchange. On the plus side, any route pump drags dfyn up a bit but on the downside the slow drain of value from constant farming of dfyn is having a negative effect on route price movement.

Suggest we could let route holders vote on whether to continue the dual farm.

Three part vote:

1 should we remove the farm Y/N
2 what should we do with the Route rewards:
-remove them
-add an ecosystem farm for route/matic
-add an ecosystem farm for route/Eth
-add an ecosystem farm for route/usdc
3 what should we do with the Dfyn rewards:
-remove them
-add a popular farm for route/matic
-add to the existing route LP pairs farms

I strongly believe the price movement of route is being held back by dfyn dual farm and now is the time to cut the dual farm.


AGREE 100%
It’s time to let the DAO decide this :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Absolutely agree. The correlation between route and dfyn is not healthy especially in the short to mid term as dfyn is being farmed and dumped every 30 days. Dfyn at the current state is a huge drag for Route’s price action. We need to stop tying the price action of these 2 tokens together if we ever want to see Route grow in a healthy way. Let’s put up a vote for the Route army to decide on this!

Seriously 1000% this. It will help the development of BOTH dfyn and route if these two are no longer tied to each other. This is not abandoning dfyn, but its stopping them from bringing each other down.

It would be fine if there are separate dfyn/eth route/eth or dfyn/matic dfyn/eth pools.

100% agree. Route rewards would be better spent in exchange for a stable pair in which LPs have much less IL and are not impacted by the constant sell pressure of DFYN.

100% agree. dfyn has fallen far behind current AMMs. route should choose its own path

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We think the dual farm should be removed. Route has the ability to do very well as a token and is largely hampered by DFYNs price action.